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Our mission is to bring high nutritional food produced locally into people’s dishes.
Microgreens in Berlin
Microgreens contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals as much as 9x their full grown versions but in a small and compact version.

The Healthiest greens you can eat

Microgreens have a High concentration of nutrients, one mouth full has the equivalent as a whole veggie box. Their high concentrations of polyphenol makes them a superfood in boosting the immune system and combating many dieses, reducing cholesterol, alleviating the symptoms of diabetes, and are even being studied for their cancer fighting properties.


our clients speak

They are amazing, one bag is a week of salads. After being a subscribers for the past several months I feel great, lively and full of energy.
The microgreens are so delicious and I love adding them to all my different meals each week. There are a variety of different ones that each have such a distinct delicious flavour. Some are peppery and strong and others light and refreshing.
“Green magic! Thanks for providing me every week with a perfect portion of microgreens. It’s super delicious, healthy a.f. and looks so beautiful on every meal.“

How you can use Microgreens?


Microgreens are essential part of every meal, whether along side your favorite fruits as part of a power morning smoothie or cold pressed juice.


Better than Sprouts, not just Omas Kresse, and more than just a garnish. Use them as a replacement of boring lettuce in your Salads .


Or as your main leaf green in your favorite evening dishes. Brining  Microgreens forward as star ingredient, and consumed regularly can have an amazing impact uplifting impact in your life.

 We believe that Microgreens are not just a garnish, or something to try once but rather the best way to take advantage of the benefits of microgreens is to integrate them in your everyday life, replacing some of your leafy greens, therefor we offer the base as a one month weekly deliveries as the bases of our SoLaWi model. 

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