Grow Organic

We are growing from organic seeds, using organic composted soil

Harvest Plan

We have regular weekly harvest all year round

Locally produced

We produce and distribute in Berlin, directly to our consumers, by bike, cutting intermediaries.

Urban Superfoods SoLaWi

What is Katari Farms?

Katari farms is an indoor farm based in Berlin producing Microgreens, we are structured in horizontal cooperative way. We want to be community focused selling directly to our supporters. 

 We do not define ourselves as a Start up, and believe do not want to venture capital or investors. Agrobusiness has no place in the sustainable health food market. 

For the Moment until things develpo further the legal entity is under the Gewerber of the main founder. 

Jay Barros
Steuernummer 32/217/02711
Ust-IdNr: DE314455362

based at:

moosdorfstr 7-9