Why subscribe?

 We believe that Microgreens are not just a garnish, or something to try once but rather the best way to take advantage of the benefits of microgreens is to integrate them in your everyday life, replacing some of your leafy greens, therefor we offer the base as a one month weekly deliveries as the bases of our SoLaWi model. 

you can now order clicking this link!


we offer three levels of Membership

 25euros / Month for 120g a week enough for an individual to integrate a little bit  of Microgreens a couple days a week

 50euros / Month for 240g a week is good for a couple to share some microgreens a few times a week, or one person using microgreens as their main green for most of their meals.

 100euros/ Month for 500g a week is good for a small family or WG/ Community that wants to integrate microgreens as part of their daily meals.

What do you get?

Each bag is a mix of our main crops

    Sunflower Shoots

    Pea Shoots

   Broccoli Microgreens

   Radish Microgreens

as well as alternating Fifth sort that changes week to week from: 

different grain grasses,  Fenugreek,  and Bean Shoots